Wednesday, May 28, 2008

C# Tutorials

I'll be learning C# coming up in the fall, so I thought I best make a blog about all the information I learn. I might be able to share with the world a trick or two that might make life a little easier. I'm going into this class "Computer Science I" with an already-extensive background in computer programming. I can make programs in Java, Ruby, Perl, and Ruby on Rails. I can also do virtually anything with either SQL or Javascript so long as I have a Google backup. I can also hand-make websites using HTML and CSS, even using best-practice techniques such as DIV tags instead of TABLES.

After my first glance at a C-Sharp "Hello World" program, I could not help but think back to Java (the two look pretty similar). Define a class, make it do something. I'd rather have a more dynamic scripting language (I love Ruby), because duck-typing (*cough*Dynamic Typing*cough*) is much better to work with when you're a competent developer. When I want to find out if my string that happens to be an integer is less than 5, then I want to simply go "4" < 5 or "4".to_i < 5. Of course, it's a little more complicated because I would make value = "4", then check IF value.to_i < 5, or something similar.